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  • Cross your Fingers for Tech14, see you at OSCON

    So I’ve submitted my talks for the Tech14 UK Oracle User Group conference which is in Liverpool this year. I’m not going to give away the topics, but you can imagine they are going to be about data translation and movement and how to get your various databases talking together. I can also say, after […]

  • Real-Time Data Loading from MySQL to Hadoop using Tungsten Replicator 3.0 Webinar

    To follow-up and describe some of the methods and techniques behind replicating into Hadoop from MySQL in real-time, and how this can be combined into your data workflow, Continuent are running a webinar with me presenting that will go over the details and provide a demo of the data replication process. Real-Time Data Loading from […]

  • MC at Percona Live San Francisco 2014

    Now I’m back in the MySQL fold, I’ve got the opportunity to speak at Percona Live again. I’ve always enjoyed speaking at this conference (back when it was known by another name…), although I need to up my game and do the 6 talks I did back in 2009. On the Tuesday afternoon, tutorials day, […]

  • Couchbase Server Tutorial @ Progressive NoSQL

    While looking up the notes for the upcoming Denormalised NoSQL Conference, I found the tutorial I did in May 2012 on Couchbase:

  • Upcoming Events

    The next few weeks will be busy, and if you happen to be at any of the following events, let me know! Data Science London, 19th September DeNormalised NoSQL, 20th September Book Signing + Booth, O’Reilly Strata Conference, London, 1st October Couc…

  • Training for CouchDB at ApacheCon NA 2011

    I’m going to be at ApacheCon in Vancouver this year, 7th November, where I’ll be running a two-day course on developing applications using CouchDB. More info on the course itself here.

  • LoCA 2006 Photos

    I’ve managed to find some photos of me presenting my keynote at LoCA 2006. You can view the full set of all photos here. I’m the guy in white. The somewhat jaded faces are nothing to do with my presentation, but the late night and then early morni…

  • LoCA 2006 Keynote

    As previously announced, I presented the keynote at LoCA 2006. The keynote was on Google Maps and Google Earth, related to the new book which I just announced on the book’s new companion website. I’d like to think that the presentation went well -…

  • LoCA 2006 Keynote

    I will be doing the opening keynote presentation for the 2nd International Workshopo on Location and Context-Awareness (LoCA 2006) in Dublin, on May 10th. The focus of the keynote is Google Maps and Google Earth, which of course ties in nicely to …