MC at Percona Live San Francisco 2014

Now I’m back in the MySQL fold, I’ve got the opportunity to speak at Percona Live again. I’ve always enjoyed speaking at this conference (back when it was known by another name…), although I need to up my game and do the 6 talks I did back in 2009.
On the Tuesday afternoon, tutorials day, I’m running a half-day session with my replication colleague Linas Virbalas. This will be similar to the session I did at Percona Live London, and cover some of the more advanced content on replication, including, but not limited to:

  • Filters
  • JavaScript Filtering
  • Some fun and practical filters
  • Heterogeneous replication from MySQL out to MongoDB, Vertica, Oracle and Hadoop

I might even choose to demo Real-Time Replication from MySQL to Cassandra if we have time for it.
Then on Thursday Linas and I will be taking an even closer look at the Hadoop applier, demonstrating how it works, and how the fundamental principles of the applier can be mapped to other databases the same basic process.  Our key aim here is to show how easy and straightforward the process is, and how practical it makes the data transfer. We will be doing a live demo, and looking at why this is a better alternative than Sqoop.
Of course, I’m not the only Continuent person there, Giuseppe Maxia will be doing a tutorial session on Advanced Replication techniques, one on multi-master, and another on partitioning for performance. And of course Robert Hodges will be doing his keynote, and a talk on Cassandra, another on MongoDB, and a guide to Cloud systems and MySQL. Jeff and Neil, meanwhile, will be talking about geo-clustering, and Neil has talks on Puppet and using MySQL in the cloud.