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  • MariaDB to Hadoop in Spanish

    Nicolas Tobias has written an awesome guide to setting up replication from MariaDB to Hadoop/HDFS using Tungsten Replicator, in Spanish! He’s planning more of these so if you like what you see, please let him know! Semana santa y yo con nuevas batallas que contar. Me hayaba yo en el trabajo, pensando en que iba […]

  • Percona Live 2017

    So glad to have had a successful Percona Live last week. Continuent were Diamond Sponsors and now that we are back into a company and not part of VMware we have a little more freedom to get back into the MySQL community. I had two primary sessions, both on the replicator/ But one was looking […]

  • Data Migration: Handling Data Types

    Handling the structure, and deciding which fields, data types, or data points, relate to which fields or target elements within the destination database are one thing. Normally you can make an intelligent decision about the information that is being transferred and how that structural information should be handled. The actual data can be a completely […]

  • Data Migration: Moving the Actual Data

    There are two key elements to the exchange of any information between databases. One is the data structure used for the exchange, and the other is the transformation required to reach those structures. Some of these are driven by the source database, others by the target database. For example, when moving data from RDBMS to […]

  • Data Migration: Methods

    Throughout the series we will examine four distinct methods for moving and sharing information stored in databases, and each have their specific meanings, techniques and tricks to get the best out of the process. The four methods are: Moving – this refers to the process of moving data to another database for a simple export […]

  • Extending the Tungsten Replicator Core JS Filter Functionality

    Tungsten Replicator has a really cool feature in that we can filter data as it goes past on the wire. The replicator itself is written entirely in Java and writing filters for it is not as straightforward as it looks, which is why the much better feature is just to use the JavaScript mechanism and […]

  • Data Migration: Database Terms and Structures

    In the previous post we looked at a number of different database types and solutions, and it should be clear that there are a huge range of different terms for the different entities that make up the database structure. All the different entities fit into one of four categories, and they have significance because when moving […]

  • Data Migration: Understanding the Challenges

    Data migration – that is, the practice of sharing and distributing information between databases – requires some very careful consideration. Are you moving the data permanently, temporarily, sharing it between applications? Do want to share all of it, some of it? Are you changing databases, or trying to move some data to access or use the […]

  • Making Real-Time Analytics a Reality — TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute

    My article on how to make the real-time processing of information from traditional transactional stores into Hadoop a reality has been published over at TDWI: Making Real-Time Analytics a Reality — TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute.

  • Replicating Oracle Webinar Question Follow-up

    We had really great webinar on Replicating to/from Oracle earliest this month, and you can view the recording of that Webinar here. A good sign of how great a Webinar was is the questions that come afterwards, and we didn’t get through them all. so here are all the questions and answers for the entire […]