LoCA 2006 Keynote

I will be doing the opening keynote presentation for the 2nd International Workshopo on Location and Context-Awareness (LoCA 2006) in Dublin, on May 10th. The focus of the keynote is Google Maps and Google Earth, which of course ties in nicely to my new book, Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth. I’ll be announcing that book properly once it’s all been finalized, at the moment we’re going through the final stages of editing and proofing. There is however a website dedicated to the new book (and mapping technology/Google Maps etc in general) called MCslp Maps. I;ll be posting up the examples and the code from the book over the next two weeks. Back to LoCA 2006, it looks like an interesting workshop, covering issues from Google Maps style location and information through to the identification and location of smaller items, like computers and hardware within offices. Registration is still open, but if you are unable to attend, I’ll probably be posting up the keynote after the conference.