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  • Keeping the Fiction Flowing

    As I announced in my last blog post, I’m starting to publish all of my fiction through Patreon. There are two books I’m actively publishing right now: NAPE – a sci-fi story featuring a missing artificial intelligence. Kings Courier – a fantasy featuring a boy who is a courier and gets pulled into a deeper role […]

  • 2015 is that way, 2016 is this way

    The last year has been something of a change in direction in my life. Not only was it a year of a large number of ‘firsts’ for me, in all sorts of ways, I also changed a lot of what I was doing to better suit me. Actually that’s really important. 2015 turned out to be […]

  • Smart-er Watches | Safari Books Online’s Official Blog

    Smart watches are the next big tech/consumer product that will hit the mainstream, but are they really mature enough yet, or is there still work to be done? I’ve collected some of my thoughts on the Smartwatch revolution here: Smart-er Watches | Safari Books Online’s Official Blog. But it will surprise nobody when I say […]

  • Developing with Couchbase Server

    I’ve just completed my latest book, this time looking at the development side of using Couchbase Server for building applications. The book goes through the basics of the Couchbase Server data store, the mechanics of storing and using data, the API and operations available, and a quick overview of the different client libraries available for […]

  • BeOS: Porting Unix Applications

    Back in 1998 I wrote my first book, all about how to port Unix applications to what was then seen as a brand new operating system set to take on the world. BeOS was at the time seen as a revolutionary OS containing a number of radical features and…

  • Getting Started with Couchbase Server Published!

    Having not published a book in years, I’ve just published my second book in as many months. Getting Started with Couchbase Server provides an overview of the main administration and user information that you need to install, setup, manage, and dev…

  • Getting Started with CouchDB published!

    I’ve just published my first book for a few years. The book is Getting Started with CouchDB with O’Reilly. The book is a quick guide to everything you need to know to start working with and building applications with CouchDB. Some highlights of th…

  • Understanding MySQL Internals

    Sash Pachev has written a new guide on Understanding MySQL Internals for O’Reilly. I was one of the technical reviewers on this book and can tell you that it makes a good read if you want to understand more of what is going on under the hood in My…

  • LoCA 2006 Photos

    I’ve managed to find some photos of me presenting my keynote at LoCA 2006. You can view the full set of all photos here. I’m the guy in white. The somewhat jaded faces are nothing to do with my presentation, but the late night and then early morni…

  • LoCA 2006 Keynote

    As previously announced, I presented the keynote at LoCA 2006. The keynote was on Google Maps and Google Earth, related to the new book which I just announced on the book’s new companion website. I’d like to think that the presentation went well -…