LoCA 2006 Keynote

As previously announced, I presented the keynote at LoCA 2006. The keynote was on Google Maps and Google Earth, related to the new book which I just announced on the book’s new companion website. I’d like to think that the presentation went well – we started late (due to Dublin traffic, the attendees had trouble getting in – my taxi, by comparison, got us there an hour early), but we finished even later as the questions and queries came thick and fast. We had a taxi booked at 11:00am to take us to the airport, but by 11:15am my wife had to come and collect me to ensure we made it for the flight.If any LoCA attendees want to comment, please feel free!As to the book – and apologies to those from LoCA who I instructed to visit this site for more information – I’m just in the process of organizing the examples and downloadable book content today.