Google adds new transport method to Google Maps [Humour]

OK, a quick little humourous item that can get to with Google maps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter ‘New York’
  3. Next to ‘Get Directions’ click ‘From here’ and type ‘London’ as your destination.
  4. Check out step 23

Alternatively, try this link.Or view this:


Yes, it really does say ‘Swim across the Atlantic Ocean’. Why, considering the distance, it suggests swimming from New York to Pont Vauban and not to Southampton, or somewhere in the UK instead of going through France is a little bit of a mystery, but I guess if you are going to swim then you are not aversed to a little sight-seeing.

2 responses to “Google adds new transport method to Google Maps [Humour]”

  1. I’m not sure when they changed this but it no longer appears to work. It simply says “We could not calculate driving directions between New York, NY and London” so its a good thing you got the screen shot.