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  • Comparing MySQL to Vertica Replication under MemCloud, AWS and Bare Metal

    Back in December, I did a detailed analysis for getting data into Vertica from MySQL using Tungsten Replicator, all within the Kodiak MemCloud. I got some good numbers towards the end – 1.9 million rows/minute into Vertica. I did this using a standard replicator deployment, plus some tweaks to the Vertica environment. In particular: Integer […]

  • MariaDB to Hadoop in Spanish

    Nicolas Tobias has written an awesome guide to setting up replication from MariaDB to Hadoop/HDFS using Tungsten Replicator, in Spanish! He’s planning more of these so if you like what you see, please let him know! Semana santa y yo con nuevas batallas que contar. Me hayaba yo en el trabajo, pensando en que iba […]

  • 2015 is that way, 2016 is this way

    The last year has been something of a change in direction in my life. Not only was it a year of a large number of ‘firsts’ for me, in all sorts of ways, I also changed a lot of what I was doing to better suit me. Actually that’s really important. 2015 turned out to be […]

  • Office 365 Activation Wont Accept Password

    So today I signed up for Office 365, since it seemed to be the easiest way to get hold of Office; although I have a license and subscription, I also have more machines. To say I was frustrated when I tried to activate Office 365 was an understatement. Each time I went through the process, […]

  • Replicating Oracle Webinar Question Follow-up

    We had really great webinar on Replicating to/from Oracle earliest this month, and you can view the recording of that Webinar here. A good sign of how great a Webinar was is the questions that come afterwards, and we didn’t get through them all. so here are all the questions and answers for the entire […]

  • A New Home for Tungsten in the UK

    I was suitably heartened to hear about the new mine opening up in the Devon here in the UK to mine the element Tungsten. I comment on this to my associates at Continuent, where comments were made by Csaba as to the appropriate quotes in the article: “Tungsten is an extraordinary metal.” “It’s almost as […]

  • Revisiting ZFS and MySQL

    While at Percona Live this year I was reminded about ZFS and running MySQL on top of a ZFS-based storage platform. Now I’m a big fan of ZFS (although sadly I don’t get to use it as much as I used to after I shutdown my home server farm), and I did a lot of […]

  • Percona Live 2013, MySQL, Continuent and an ever-healthy Ecosystem

    I’m sitting here in the lounge at SFO thinking back on the last week, the majority of which has been spent meeting my new workmates and attending the Percona MySQL conference. For me it has been as much of a family reunion as it has been about seeing the wonderful things going on in MySQL. […]

  • Pert & Simple

    I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and back last year I was working on trying to expand my range a little from the rather narrow range of tech-related projects I’d been funding. One particular art project caught my eye. Firstly, it was local – well, within 50 miles – which is a surprise when so […]

  • Gilmerton Cove

    I was fortunate enough recently to visit Gilmerton Cove. Despite the name, the cove is not located near the sea at all, but outside Edinburgh, and it is one of those places that makes you wonder how such a wonderful and intriguing location can have been kept as such a fantastic secret. We’ve visited Edinburgh […]