Major rewrite of C/ODBC completed

One of my first major tasks at MySQL has just been completed – a major rewrite of the Connector/ODBC (C/ODBC) documentation. There were three major focuses for the rewrite:

  1. Bring the documentation up to date. We had a mix of information on the latest release (currently 3.51, but 5.0 is currently in development), but many of the sections didn’t reflect that new version. There is also new information on how to install the driver on Mac OS X.
  2. Restructure the information. This is something I’m doing across the board on the Connectors docs, as I try to re-organize them all into a more coherent, and compatible, structure. For example, I’ve collated all of the tips about using C/ODBC with different applications into their own section, organized by application. I’ve also extended the information; for example we now have a step by step guide to importing data from MySQL into Microsoft Word and Excel through Microsoft Query.
  3. Setting up the document so that I can more easily add and extend the information in there with tips from the community, bug fixes, and of course new releases.

I’ll now be continuing the work with the other Connectors, like Connector/J and Connector/NET.