Laptop Solaris begins

Welcome to Laptop Solaris, a blog looking at the use of Solaris (and OpenSolaris) on a Laptop.I’ve been a long time user of Solaris and with the announcement of OpenSolaris my interest is further piqued in the direction of Solaris as a full time, desktop, operating system. I currently use Solaris mostly for servers – up until very recently a Solaris 8 x86 box handled all of my internal networking needs. Today, I use an Ultra 60, running Solaris 10, to handle the majority of my database needs, and as a platform for all of the websites, both the internal ones and those I develop for clients.Using Solaris on the desktop and more specifically my laptop will enable me to cover many of the aspects of Solaris and help me make comparisons with my other main desktop platforms – Mac OS X, Gentoo Linux (running KDE) and Windows XP.I fully believe that with applications like StarOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and others there should be little reasons why I can’t use Solaris as a main desktop, and portable, operating system. Only time – and this blog – will tell how successful this process is!On here, expect to see posts on some, or all, of the following topics:

  • Installation of Solaris
  • Daily use and experiences
  • Getting software to work under OpenSolaris and laptop-specific tools
  • Hardware and my experiences of Solaris/OpenSolaris on different mobile hardware
  • How-tos and guides on how to get the best our of your Solaris-on-laptop experiences
  • News and events on using Solaris on a laptop

That list might change in time, but the aim is to be a useful resource as well as a handy guide to what is going on.If you want to keep up to date, consider subscribing to the RSS feed or better still, subscribe to the Planet MCslp RSS feed which will include everything here and at all of my other blogs.If you have something to say or ask, please Contact Me.

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