MySQL University: Developing MySQL on Solaris/OpenSolaris

We have a MySQL University session later today, featuring me and Trond Norbye (who works on Memcached development). Ostensibly we are talking about some of the tools and environment details of developing on Solaris and OpenSolaris, but with a MySQL focus. I’ve just updated the Forge page with the requisite information and a copy of the slides if you need them. Here’s the abstract:

Developing MySQL on Solaris requires you to install a suitable compiler and other tools, but you may be surprised to know that most of the material is there already, or easy to install if it’s not. But even more so, there is a huge wealth of information that you can get about your application while it’s running, both with and without using more traditional debugging methods. We’ll cover setting up a suitable environment, where to find the things you need, and and how to make use of the process monitoring tools and debugging environment to get the best out of development on Solaris generally, and MySQL specifically.

Please attend if you have any interest in developing on Solaris/OpenSolaris and MySQL. Trond an I will also be on-hand to answer any questions you might have.