Diarizing – what goes around, comes around

OK, so I’ve just written about my love of Moleskines and it occurs to me that today’s bloggers (myself included) are just continuing a long tradition for some people to share their experiences. I write my memories in my Moleskines, not on a day to day basis, but whenever anything significant is happening in my life, or when I’m traveling about the world for business or pleasure, and for me that’s a vital part of me recording my memories, despite my otherwise excellent recollection skills. Hundreds of years ago Samuel Pepys and many others did the same thing – diarized what was going on in their lives and the world around them, and it became part of the content that records our world history. I know not every blog is that interesting (my own including), but as the title says, what goes around, comes around – we are just carrying on the tradition of those great diarists that came before us.