LOSUG January: MySQL/DTrace and Memcached

Next Tuesday (27th Jan), I’ll be speaking at the London OpenSolaris User Group again. For those that follow the LOSUG meetings, we normally the third thursday of the month, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the event this month (more 100 registrations so far) we have had to push the event back to the last Tuesday of the month. This month, I’ll be talking about the DTrace probes that we have added into MySQL and demonstrating their use and functionality. Along the way I’ll also cover some of the internals of MySQL and how it works (and how they relate to the DTrace probes we’ve added), how to use the probes to analyze and diagnose your queries, and how I’ve already used the DTrace probes to provide information up to the Query Analysis functionality within Enterprise Monitor. After we’ve looked at performance monitoring and optimization with DTrace, I’ll then demonstrate how to get a little more performance out of your application using MySQL by taking advantage of the memory cache offered by Memcached. As before, I’ll provide a link to the finished presentation once I’ve demonstrated everything to the LOSUG folks on tuesday. If you happen to be in London, and don’t already have plans of some sort, please feel free to come along – food and drink will be provided after the session and I’ll be around for as long as I can for any questions.