DimDim and MySQL University

Stop the press! My boss, Stefan Hinz, has just started blogging, with his first post here: Using NetBeans with MySQL.So who is he? Well, Stefan is the guy that keeps the rest of us in the docs team in check and makes sure we do what we’re asked, when we’re are asked and that all of the machinery, legalities and management tasks happen in the background. Without him we really couldn’t function as effectively as we do. It’s wonderful to see some other Docs team members getting in on the act (to be fair to the rest of the team, Jon is also a blogger). We are all writers, you would think the blogging would come as a natural extension. Behind the tease is the simple fact that the improved system for MySQL University I was talking about is getting a trial run this week. We’ve been trying out Dimdim for web conferencing with David van Couvering and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. We chatted, we tried out screen-sharing, presentations and the whiteboard functionality and it all worked really nicely. We’re going to be using it for the MySQL University session this week, Using MySQL with NetBeans. Space will be limited, but feel free to join us if you can.