More MySQL UC 08 Videos

Hopefully you can’t get enough of the UC08 videos (and thanks to Sheeri for the link with the full Jonathan keynote video), so Zack has managed to get some most posted. This morning, we learned what it meant to be a pirate in terms of patents, copyright and now politics with the Pirate Party. Don’t let the scary name put you off – these guys are about making all of us consumers (of software, video, audio, books, etc.) more in control of information. Please support these guys by visiting Next we had the Scalability Panel with representatives from Facebook, Fotolog, Sun, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia talking about the problems (and some of the solutions) they have taken to approach the bane of any web company. One option for scalability of course is just not to cover the problem yourself. Skip the issues of server rooms and use Amazon’s various services (EC2, S3, etc). If you need convincing, try Werner Vogels’ talk.Yesterday, in a short but sweet visit to the podium, Rich Green talked about MySQL and Sun and it will all work. If you have concerns about the integration, this is a good place to get the situation from the guy who will make sure it doesn’t go wrong. And of course Rich will answer to Jonathan.Marten talked about the significance of Storage engines and the significance of your data.For a full list, try Zack’s profile page.