Where have I been?

OK, so once again it’s been incredibly quiet round here.Why?Well I’ve moved house again I say that like I move house regularly, but in fact it’s almost three years since the last time we moved house. This time we haven’t moved very far, just a few hundred yards, but it’s to a a bigger house and, more importantly for us, to one that we have purchased instead of the renting we did when we moved up from the south coast in 2004.Unfortunately that has completely mucked up my blogging schedule and nearly all of my articles and other work. It’s not just the hassle of the move itself (which started in late June), but it’s the distractions of having boxes to empty and possessions to move around. I have, for example, books stacked up on the shelves, but there are in sort of order, and more than half of the shelves are empty.Anyway, look out for me to get back into the blogging soon I’ve already started on Computerworld, and last week I tried to catch up on the waiting articles and tutorials that had recently been published by posting a number of articles on MCslp.com.