Sun Studio 11 Commands

I’m really only just getting used to the Sun Studio 11 environment after years of using gcc, so quick guides to the Sun Studio 11 command line environment are a great way to get familiar.There’s just such a list on BigAdmin: Commands for Sun Studio 11 Software.There are some gems here I wasn’t aware of, like xscapture for capturing user interface design from a running Motif/Xt application; anaylyzer for a GUI performance monitor and dmake, for distributed building.I think I need to spend some time going through each tool on this list and finding out how best to use it.

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  1. Hi Richard,I’ve been on vacation for the past few days, and haven’t had much time to play yet. Although the new Ultra 20M2 workstation I have will give me plenty of opportunity :)I’ll report back when I’ve had more dedicated time to play.MC