Niagara optimized ‘cooltools’

I’m in the process of doing some testing on the T1000 which I currently have on test at the moment. Some of these tests will be entirely focused on the performance of Cheffy, which uses a combination of Apache, MySQL and Perl.I’ve also been thinking about testing some key elements in terms of where you might use a T1000 – in a web serving farm where you want high performance out your SAMP stack, say for blogging of Wikis, where you have a lot of small, simple, queries that you want executed as quickly as possible. Most variants of this are based around Apache/MySQL/PHP.Getting everything set up and organized for that isn’t trivial, so it’s great to see a package like the Cool Tools CoolThreads Optimized Open Source Software Stack (Cool Stack)The package includes Niagara optimized versions of:

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Squid
  • Tomcat

This includes a bundled configuration of Apache with MPM pre-fork and PHP, SSL and Perl modules.It should go without saying that I’ll be testing this stack against my own configurations and builds as part of the tests.

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