Discussion on Maps book at Amazon

The book has only been out a week, and already we have questions coming in through Amazon’s new beta book discussion service.The first query is on the API versions, which, as I explain in my response, are centered about the v1 API as this was the stable version at the time the book was written. Although it surprises some people, I actually finished writing the final parts of this book at the end of April, with the bulk of the book having been completed by February.To ensure stability of the examples (and without delaying the book further) I standardized on the mature v1 of the API.I’ll be posting updated examples and code for v2 versions and the relevant examples and sections of the book on this blog. If you have something specific you would like in a v2 API version, please let me know through the contact page.

2 responses to “Discussion on Maps book at Amazon”

  1. Great book! Will you be posting the updated code for v2 soon? I would love to have Chapter 13 in particular. I am working on a project where I feel elements from that would be extremely useful. Thanks so much.