Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth Released!

Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth has been released, and should be available to order and purchase soon.I’ve also now enabled the live examples of all the techniques covered in the book, as well as adding a full list of resources (as in the book), and full information and table of contents on the book.
Download Examples

7 responses to “Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth Released!”

  1. I’m aware of some of the examples not working – the bulk of the book was completed before the v2 API was completely finalized, and I suspect some of the recent changes have broken some of the live examples.I’m working on both updating those live examples and providing updated downloads and commentary on the required changes for the blog.

  2. Hello Martin,I want to download the code for this book, but I find the download link does not work (page not found), if you can send the code to my email address ?(irwan.wahyu [at] gmail.com)thank you

  3. Hi, sorry, as Posterous is shutting don, I’ve moved my blog here to WordPress. I haven’t completed all of the moves yet. I’ll update it shortly and report back here when I do.