Copying multiple files with scp

I keep my .bash init scripts on one machine and copy them over to each machine on which I have a login. There’s various bits of logic in there to ensure that the right PATH and other values are set according to the host and/or platform. I then have a simple line that updates the .ocal .bash scripts from the main box that holds the main copies, so that I can just run:


To update everything. I use scp and, depending on the system, use a preset key or require a password.For copying multiple files there are many solutions; I could just use .bash*, but I’d also get the history and backup files. The typical advice is separate entries:

scp mc@narcissus:.bashrc mc@narcissus:.bash_aliases

This is less than optimal for a number of reasons – the first is that each location is treated individually, and that requires multiple connections and multiple password requirements. You can, though, use normal shell like expansion, just make sure you use quotes to ensure that it isn’t parsed and expanded by the local shell instead of the remote one:

scp mc@narcissus:".bash{rc,_path,_aliases,_vars}" ~