O’Reilly RSS Feeds getting annoying

For some strange reason at the moment, O’Reilly feeds are creating duplicates. It’s obviously deliberate, but I can’t see the logic behind the process. The main culprit (but not the only one) is a series on Refactoring (called Refactoring Everything). Refactoring is an important part of any programming process, but the application they are looking at specifically is Perl based. However, of the feeds I subscribe the latest issue (7) and all previous issues, as well a a number of other articles, has appeared on:

Every single one of those links is unique…The ONLamp link is obviously the key one, and I can, at a stretch, understand why it appears on the PHP and Python areas. The Apache one also a little relevance (it’s key to the LAMP stack), but while the application is web based, the refactoring has nothing to do with Apache. But why does it also appear on the BSD feed? I guess you could be refactoring on a BSD platform, but why pollute a BSD focused feed with a programming story?