Cheffy goes live!

Over the years many of you will have heard me mention things like Foodware, Cheffy and Foodies. All names for essentially the same thing, a recipe site that does more than just provide you with a simple way of finding recipes. Today, 18th December, we went live and we (Suna and myself) would like you to be among the first to visit and try out the site. The basics of the site are simple; you can search by ingredients, diet, nutrition, a whole range of keywords and you can combine all of this to pick out exactly the recipes you want. When you find the recipe you want, the recipe is fully scalable, up and down, and you can view in any of the available measurements to suit your preferences. All recipes include full nutritional information, calories, and even the glycemic load and index for each and every recipe. At the moment we also provide customized viewing preferences (sort order, measurements and quantities), your own cookbook and shopping list functionality. The site is still officially in beta, but consider the bulk of the site and functionality (as advertised) to be complete and working. We do, of course, appreciate feedback and bug reports on anything that you find that doesn’t look right. Waiting in the wings, there’s a meal planner, recipe ratings, comments and the ability to add your own recipes – all with full nutrition and searching capabilities from the moment you add it to the database. Please visit the site: http://cheffy.comWe also have a blog where we are asking for comments in input at Please feel free to contact me or use the contact form on the sites to convey your views. And meanwhile, spread the word!