LWM Editors Move House

After some heavy negotiations, discussions and a lot of thinking the majority of the old LinuxWorld team will be doing some work with a new organization in the form of Brian Profitt at LinuxToday/LinuxPlanet. These sites are run by the same people (Jupiter Media) who I do ApacheToday/ServerWatch material so it’s a relatively familiar home, although under slightly different circumstances ;)Kevin Bedell, Contributing Editor – Open Source Software and LicensingDee-Ann LeBlanc, Contributing Editor – Games and MultimediaJames Turner, Senior Contributing EditorIbrahim Haddad, Contributing Editor – TelecomMaria Winslow, Contributing Editor – Open Source ApplicationsMartin C. Brown, Contributing Editor – LAMP TechnologiesSteve Suehring, Contributing Editor – Security & InternetSteven Berkowitz, Contributing Editor – SciencesRob Reilly, Contributing Editor – TBDEach of us will be on the hook for one article a month, plus blog feeds through Linux Today/Linux Planet sites. You can expect the first content to start showing up around the beginning of June.I’ve also got a couple of other announcements in the pipeline. I’ll let everybody know when I have something more definite to tell.