Perl: I Didn’t Know You Could Do That

So you’ve downloaded Perl and played with a few of the programs. You might even have been programming with Perl for many years. Either way, you feel you are missing out on some of the cool things that other people are doing with Perl. The solution is Perl: I Didn’t Know You Could Do That. From the mundane processes of web programming, through to creating PostScript and RTF documents, playing music and creating sounds, and even ways to use parts of Perl for something other than they were intended are all contained between the covers of this book.Topics and Examples given in this book:Storing Numbers in Less SpaceCreating Graphs in PerlUsing Minimal/Maximal SearchesParsing an Apache Log FileReading and Writing Audio FilesPlaying Audio CDsHandling PalmOS DatabasesUsing SQL with Text DatabasesTalking HTMLTalking XMLGenerating RTF FilesWriting PostScriptUsing the CGI module to write HTMLBetter Table HandlingSetting up a CookieReading a CookieUsing Sessions to Track a UserCooperating with ApacheUsing Apache AuthenticationFAQ ManagementResolving DNS InformationGetting E-mail from a POP ServerSearching a Search EngineRunning a Socket Based ServerRemote Procedure CallsProfiling Your Perl ScriptsUsing the Compiler for More Than CompilingWriting Perl XtenSionsInstalling Modules from CPANWriting POD DocumentationConverting POD Files on the FlyMonitoring PerformanceMonitoring UptimeCommunicating with SyslogReading and Writing Tar ArchivesUsing Perl to Control Your HomeCommunicating with AppleScriptChecking Windows NT PerformanceTalking to Microsoft WordTalking to Microsoft OutlookWindows NT Service ManagementCreating Stand-Alone Windows Applications