iMac FYI

The iMac is the biggest selling computer of all time, and it’s not really hard to see why. Aside from being an excellent little computer, it’s also beomce a fashion statement with designers, stylists, and joe public all clamouring for a piece of a modern classic in their home.The iMac broke the mould in computing – something that not only worked nicely, but also looked nice. The only problem is, not everybody is as clued up as they would like on how to make the best of their new machine. Simple questions like ‘How do I change my desktop’ and ‘How can I play a game against my mate’ are regular topics on forums, newsgroups, and user group meetings worldwide.The iMac FYI book aims to answer those, and many more questions regarding your iMac. How to network machines together, make the best of the Internet, backup your data, fix your machine when it breaks. We even provide details of how best to configure your machine when you first get it out of the box.