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  • Comparing MySQL to Vertica Replication under MemCloud, AWS and Bare Metal

    Back in December, I did a detailed analysis for getting data into Vertica from MySQL using Tungsten Replicator, all within the Kodiak MemCloud. I got some good numbers towards the end – 1.9 million rows/minute into Vertica. I did this using a standard replicator deployment, plus some tweaks to the Vertica environment. In particular: Integer […]

  • MariaDB to Hadoop in Spanish

    Nicolas Tobias has written an awesome guide to setting up replication from MariaDB to Hadoop/HDFS using Tungsten Replicator, in Spanish! He’s planning more of these so if you like what you see, please let him know! Semana santa y yo con nuevas batallas que contar. Me hayaba yo en el trabajo, pensando en que iba […]

  • Analytical Replication Performance from MySQL to Vertica on MemCloud

    I’ve recently been trying to improve the performance of the Vertica replicator, particularly in the form of the of the new single schema replication. We’ve done a lot in the new Tungsten Replicator 5.3.0 release to improve (and ultimately support) the new single schema model. As part of that, I’ve also been personally looking to […]

  • Keynote and Session at Percona Live Dublin 2017

    On Sunday I will travel over to Dublin for Percona Live 2017. I have two sessions, a keynote on the Wednesday morning where I’ll be talking about all the fun new stuff we have planned at Continuent and some new directions we’re working on. I also have a more detailed session on our new appliers for […]

  • Upcoming Webinar, 19th July, What is New in Tungsten Replicator 5.2 and Tungsten Clustering 5.2?

    Continuent Tungsten 5.2 is just around the corner. This is one of our most exciting Tungsten product releases for some time! In this webinar we’re going to have a look at a host of new features in the new release, including Three new Replication Applier Targets (Kafka, Cassandra and Elasticsearch) New improvements to our core command-line […]

  • New Continuent Webinar Wednesdays and Training Tuesdays

    We are just starting to get into the swing of setting up our new training and webinar schedule. Initially, there will be one Webinar session (typically on a Wednesday) and one training session (on a Tuesday) every week from now. We’ll be covering a variety of different topics at each. Typically our webinars will be […]

  • Kafka Replication from MySQL and Oracle

    Hello again everybody. Well, I promised it a couple of weeks ago, and I’m sorry it has been so long (I’ve been working on other fun stuff in addition to this). But I’m pleased to say that we now have a fully working applier that takes data from an incoming THL stream, whether that is Oracle […]

  • Replicating into ElasticSearch

    So here at Continuent we are working on multiple new targets for applying data using Tungsten Replicator. There are so many potential targets out there where people want to replicate data directly into a specific system, sometimes just for a specific data set, table, database or requirements. Yesterday afternoon, I started working on ElasticSearch – […]

  • Extending the Tungsten Replicator Core JS Filter Functionality

    Tungsten Replicator has a really cool feature in that we can filter data as it goes past on the wire. The replicator itself is written entirely in Java and writing filters for it is not as straightforward as it looks, which is why the much better feature is just to use the JavaScript mechanism and […]

  • Tungsten Replicator 3.0 is Cloudera Enterprise 5 Certified

    One of the key platforms I’ve been testing on for the MySQL to Hadoop replication has been Cloudera, largely driven by customer requirements, but it’s also one of the easiest way to get started with Hadoop. What I’m even more pleased about is the fact that we are proud to announce that Tungsten Replicator 3.0 is […]