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  • Comparing MySQL to Vertica Replication under MemCloud, AWS and Bare Metal

    Back in December, I did a detailed analysis for getting data into Vertica from MySQL using Tungsten Replicator, all within the Kodiak MemCloud. I got some good numbers towards the end – 1.9 million rows/minute into Vertica. I did this using a standard replicator deployment, plus some tweaks to the Vertica environment. In particular: Integer […]

  • Analytical Replication Performance from MySQL to Vertica on MemCloud

    I’ve recently been trying to improve the performance of the Vertica replicator, particularly in the form of the of the new single schema replication. We’ve done a lot in the new Tungsten Replicator 5.3.0 release to improve (and ultimately support) the new single schema model. As part of that, I’ve also been personally looking to […]