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  • Intelligent Linking and Indexing in DocBook

    One of the issues I have with DocBook XML is that the links are a little forced and manual.  By that, I mean that if I have a command, like trepctl, and I used it in a sentence or description, if I want to link trepctl back to the corresponding trepctl page, I have to […]

  • Customizing Chunking in DocBook

    I love DocBook XML. No, really. But one thing I hate is the way you have to set a global chunking level for your HTML and then live with it. For most documentation, you want to be able to choose whether a conveniently addressable section within a chapter, and then you want to combine it […]

  • Using the MySQL Doc source tree

    I’ve mentioned a number of times that the documentation repositories that we use to build the docs are freely available, and so they are, but how do you go about using them? More and more people are getting interested in being able to work with th…