Tag: data mining

  • 5 Steps to Start Data Mining

    I have a great guest blog on the basics of data mining over at SciTech Connect: 5 Steps to Start Data Mining – SciTech Connect | SciTech Connect.

  • Getting Data into Hadoop in real-time

    Moving data between databases is hard. Without ever intending it, I seem to have spent a lifetime working on solutions for getting data into and out of databases, but more frequently between. In fact, my first job out of university was migrating data from BRS/Text, a free-text database (probably what we would call a NoSQL)…

  • Process complex text for information mining

    My latest article on data mining text information is now available: Text — an everyday component of nearly all social interaction, social networks, and social sites — is difficult to process. Even the basic task of picking out specific words, phrases, or ideas is challenging. String searches and regex tools don\’t suffice. But the Annotation…