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  • Developing with Couchbase Server

    I’ve just completed my latest book, this time looking at the development side of using Couchbase Server for building applications. The book goes through the basics of the Couchbase Server data store, the mechanics of storing and using data, the API and operations available, and a quick overview of the different client libraries available for […]

  • Data Mining in a Document World

    As databases evolve, learning how to get the best out of the different solutions out there is the key to understanding and extracting the data in the way you need from your required data store. Document databases, like MongoDB, CouchDB, Couchbase Server and many others provide a completely different model and set of problems for […]

  • Moving from MySQL to Couchbase Server 2.0: Part 2

    To continue from where my last blog left off, I’ve written a second piece that tries to cover some of the more complex solutions to the problems of querying and extracting data using the Views system within Couchbase Server. Read: How to Move from MySQL to Couchbase Server 2.0: Part 2  

  • Moving from MySQL to Couchbase

    Before moving to Couchbase and working with NoSQL technology I had for years been a MySQL user. Making that leap from MySQL to NoSQL requires a number of changes, not least of which to the way you structure your data and then query it. I’ve tried …

  • Couchbase and Hadoop Article in Portuguese

    There is nothing cooler than finding that one of your articles has been translated into another language, and I just found out recently that my Using Hadoop with Couchbase article has been translated into Portuguese here: Usando o Hadoop com Couch…

  • Couchbase Server Tutorial @ Progressive NoSQL

    While looking up the notes for the upcoming Denormalised NoSQL Conference, I found the tutorial I did in May 2012 on Couchbase: http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/nosql/tutorial-1-couchbase

  • Using Hadoop and Couchbase

    My new article on using Hadoop with Couchbase is available now on the IBM developerWorks site. The article tells you how to integrate the massive map/reduce functionality offered by Hadoop with the query functionality offered in Couchbase. With th…

  • Getting Started with Couchbase Server Published!

    Having not published a book in years, I’ve just published my second book in as many months. Getting Started with Couchbase Server provides an overview of the main administration and user information that you need to install, setup, manage, and dev…

  • The Technology Behind Couchbase

    Couchbase Server is one product, but it’s made up of a combination of different components that work together in order to produce server product, including memcached and the spidermonkey JavaScript engine, and more recently the CouchDB engine for …

  • Tip: Couchbase Server Monitoring

    O’Reilly have published my top on the key stats to look out for when monitoring Couchbase Server: http://blog.safaribooksonline.com/2012/03/15/couchbase-server-monitoring/