Introduction to programming in Erlang, Part 1: The basics

I have a new article on programming in Erlang available on IBM developerWorks:

Erlang is a multi-purpose programming language used primarily for developing concurrent and distributed systems. It began as a proprietary programming language used by Ericsson for telephony and communications applications. Released as open source in 1998, Erlang has become more popular in recent years thanks to its use in high profile projects, such as the Facebook chat system, and in innovative open source projects, such as the CouchDB document-oriented database management system. In this article, you will learn about Erlang, and how its functional programming style compares with other programming paradigms such as imperative, procedural and object-oriented programming. You will learn how to create your first program, a Fibonacci recursive function. Next, you will go through the basics of the Erlang language, which can be difficult at first for those used to C, C++, Java™, and Python.

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