MySQL University Needs You!!

MySQL University keeps rolling along. We’ve had some fantastic sessions just recently (not including my own, of course!), such as Lenz’s presentation of backing up MySQL with filesystem snapshots, Allan Packer’s presentation on the optimization of MySQL and, going back a little further, David Van Couvering and Petr Pisl’s talk on using PHP and MySQL within Netbeans. Remember that all of these presentations can be viewed again online if you missed them first time round!We’ve got some good topics coming up, but we ned more!!Got some hot topic that you want to tell the world about? Using MySQL in an interesting way? Got a good MySQL scalability story that you want to tell? Developed a great storage engine? Any and all of these topics are welcome for discussion and presentation at MySQL University. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve seen one of our existing presentations and would like an update or follow-on session that goes deeper, or that enables you to ask more questions. Whatever it is you want to see on MySQL University, let me know here or through the contact form, and get these things scheduled in before the slots all disappear!