MySQL on Solaris at the MySQL European Customer Conference

I’m speaking at the MySQL European Customer Conference this week (Thursday, 23rd), on the topic of the best deployment practices for using MySQL on Solaris. I’ll be covering a number of topics, including:

  • Overview of MySQL availability on Solaris
  • General tips for MySQL on Solaris
  • MySQL on ZFS
  • DTrace and the new DTrace Probes
  • Using MySQL with containers and zones
  • Using Sun Cluster and MySQL Cluster for HA

Some of the material I’ve already covered before (see my presentation at the London Solaris User’s Group, but most of the content will be new and more focused than the top level LOSUG presentation.There are similar presentations being presented at the Paris and Munich conferences by Eric Bezille and Franz Haberhauer, and we’re all presenting the same basic content as we’ve been working together on the presentation. If you are in the region and can make it to the conference, I suggest you come. Not just for my presentation, there are other topics including performance tuning, HA, MySQL Proxy and using MySQL and memcached.