MySQL University: Checking Threading and Locking With Helgrind

This Thursday, Stewart Smith will give a MySQL University session:Checking Threading and Locking With HelgrindNote that this particular session starts 9:00 BST / 10:00 CET /18:00 Brisbane/MelbourneStewart is always enjoyable to listen to, both because he knows his stuff and because he is a really fun guy (heads up for the MySQL Conference 09, the Monty Taylor/Stewart Smith double act at this years conference was one of the most interesting and information sessions I went to).

Please register for this session by filling in your name on the sessionWiki page. Registering is not required but appreciated. That Wiki pagealso contains a section to post questions. Please use it!MySQL University sessions normally start at 13:00 UTC (summer) or 14:00UTC (winter); see: MySQL University for more time zone information.Those planning to attend a MySQL University session for the very firsttime should probably read the instructions for attendees,Instructions for Attendees.See Upcoming Sessions for the complete list of upcoming University sessions.