Get to know JsonML

A new article, on using JsonML, an *ML markup alternative that allows for the easy transfer of information between servers and JavaScript applications, is available. In this article I look at JsonML. I start by looking at how information is normally exchanged between JavaScript and other applications, and then examine the limitations and pitfalls of that solution. Then I demonstrate how JsonML can solve many of the problems with the original techniques. From the article:

The rise of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax). JSON is useful because it enables you to easily transmit data that can be turned back into a JavaScript object, but it still requires custom scripting to deal with that object. JsonML is an extension of JSON that enables you to map XML data using JSON type markup, and this in turn enables you to easily create XML or XHTML data based on JSON markup and to build and exchange user interface (UI) elements. This article shows you how to make use of this handy tool.

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