Geekbench results for iMac 24

I’ve just completed running Geekbench results for my 24″ iMac (3GB, Intel T7600, 2.33GHz) and the Sun Ultra 20M2 I have on test (4GB, AMD Opteron 1200 2.8GHz).The overall rates are interesting: iMac: 246*U20M2: 273.5*The U20M2 is slightly faster, although in use I think it’s much faster. I’m still completing some tests on the U20 under different operating systems on the U20 to see whether there is some advantage to different OS on the U20M2. *: The iMac is updated to the latest BIOS and latest updates, with other applications not running*: The U20M2 is updated to the BIOS and drivers (from the 1.4 driver update CD), with other applications not running