Parallels Update

Parallels for Mac has been updated, but its the stuff beyond the highlight elements that I find most interesting.The headline elements are:

  • Support for the new Mac Pro (and up to 3.5GB RAM
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Experimental support for Vista

That’s all great, and I’m just installing Vista beta 2 on the iMac as I type this on the MBP. However, for me the key elements are:

  • Solaris guest OS no longer hangs after suspend/resume – this was a really annoying issue that begged me no end. Although my iMac 17″ stays on full time, my MBP is set to sleep after an hour, but leaving it alone while I’m updating Solaris 10 or running tests would mean that I’d have to force a reboot and sometimes start again.
  • Solaris doesn’t work with more than one virtual disk fix – this was particularly annoying, as I’ve been playing with ZFS, and having multiple, virtual hard disks to toy with would have been much better than playing with partitions.

So far, the new version seems great. Being able to play with ZFS (even with expanding disks) is fantastic. I’ve been too busy to let the machine sleep and trigger the freezing problem.