System Administrators Toolkit: Monitoring disk space and usage

The next article in the System Administrators Toolkit series, this time on monitoring disk space and disk usage by users, is available at IBM developerWorks. This one focuses on finding out your disk storage, where it is being used, finding out who is using it, and, when necessary, controlling the usage through the quota system. From the developerWorks preview:

Look at methods for determining disk usage across multiple UNIX systems and how to create a simple warning system to alert you of potential problems. Keeping an eye on your file systems and ensuring they don’t fill up is a trivial, but vital process in the day-to-day management of your UNIX systems. In this article, you’ll look at methods for keeping an eye on disk space, discovering which files, users, or applications are using up the most space, and how to make use of quotas and other solutions to find the information you need.

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