Building a grid using Web services standards

The sixth and final part of the “Building a grid with Web services standards”, title “Monitoring and execution” is finally available. The final tutorial in the series wraps up the system by looking at the role of WS-Notification in the management and monitoring of your grid. WS-Notification uses a familiar subscription model, similar to RSS, to notify ‘watchers’ of events. These can be read and handled according to your needs, with the entire subscription and notification process taking place through the use of web services. Here’s the description from the piece:

You’re going to look at the key role that notification and monitoring have in the execution and management of a grid. You’ll learn how to create a basic notification system and how the combination of topics and push technology (as defined by the WS-Notification standard) provides an open, flexible, and customizable environment for distributing events and information to grid services.

Please read the other parts first if you have not done so already:

And finally, read the final part Building a grid using Web services standards, Part 6: Monitoring and execution. Once again, I’d like to thank Tyler Anderson who did the coding work based on my design and architecture, and did a fantastic job in the process!