Write software for multiple UNIX platforms

I have a new tutorial on writing software for multiple UNIX platforms at IBM developerWorks. The focus is on the technical aspects, such as header and library availability, build environments and understanding what some of the key elements are. I also take the opportunity to go over a basic configure script system, using the GNU autotools/autoconf toolkit to generate the necessary scripts. You can read the full tutorial Write software for multiple UNIX platforms.This tutorial is part of a new series on UNIX (rather than Linux, or Open Source) technology at developerWorks, and some of the tutorials are already in the system, with others in process of being written and developed. I’ve got help in this area in the form of Chris Herborth, long time writing associate and friend, and David Dougall, a system administrator at Brigham Young University (BYU). David’s latest piece, Use free software within commercial UNIX it also available.