Debugging Perl in Eclipse with EPIC

Back in September 2005 I presented two sessions at EclipseWorld on EPIC. My first tutorial based on the topics and techniques covered in the first session was released in January, and now the followup, covering debugging Eclipse is available too. Here’s the outline blurb:

Debugging Perl applications can be a frustrating process. Many Perl programmers rely on print statements and so-called “postmortem debugging.” Others use the built-in Perl debugger. Neither provides a coherent execution environment for monitoring the execution of a script, and neither supports the debugging of a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script during execution. In this tutorial, we will look at the debugging functionality offered by the Eclipse Perl Integration (EPIC) plug-in for Eclipse, which offers a rich debugging environment available and integrated with the EPIC Perl development environment.

You can also read the first tutorial, although it is not really required before reading the new How to debug Perl applications with Eclipse.