Announcing Laptop Solaris

Regular readers will know I’ve been a long term fan and user of Solaris, but things in the Solaris space have changed recently. I haven’t used Solaris as a desktop operating system for about 7 years, but for a long time, despite working at an agency where Macs were the desktop operating system, I used to spend most of my time programming and managing a Sun server network using an Axil SPARC sworkstation running Solaris, and before that, Solaris 2 had been my desktop operating system more or less since leaving college while I managed a Sun based database system. Now I’m going back to those roots and installing Solaris 10, and in the future OpenSolaris, onto my Sony Vaio Z1 and use it as my main desktop operating system. Just to make it interesting, that’s also a laptop. Hence Laptop Solaris is born.For more information on what I’m going to be covering on the site, read the Intro post.