Planet MCslp

The MCslp sphere is beginning to expand slightly and to make it easier to monitor everything that I’m doing I’ve decided to aggregate all of the different areas that I’m currently involved in into a single blog.In the spirit of the various ‘planet’ sites, the new site is called Planet MCslp – catchy huh? The main role of this blog ( will remain unchanged – this will be where I publicize and promote the major articles, books and other content that appears on other sites, magazines and the various events I attend and promote. What I don’t do here (because it seems excessive) is list every blog post I make on the other sites. I may, occasionally, highlight something that I think is worth mentioning, but this is not the place to go to get my daily thoughts. My ComputerWorld blog is the best place for this, along with others such as The Apple Blog. Planet MCslp will, by comparison, collect together this blog, my Computerworld musings, and the postings on sister sites like The Writers Perspective. Visitors to Planet MCslp in the next few weeks will also discover some of the forthcoming projects that are part of the expansion of the MCslp sphere but which haven’t yet begun with their full content. These include new sites to cover Linux Professionals, a new Google Maps resource (MCslp Map Works) and The Writing Biz.If you want to keep abreast of everything I’m involved in and don’t want to subscribe individually, use the feed at Planet MCslp, also available through this link (RSS2).