Improved application development: Part 5, Testing and verifying with Rational tools

The fifth and final piece to the Improved Application Development series is now available. This one looks at testing your application before the next phase of development or release. Here’s the abstract:

Testing is a vital part of any development process, and to perform adequate testing you need not only to identify faults but also to trace and track these faults, fixes, and the components they affect during each iteration of the development process. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the integration between the IBM Rational software testing products and other tools used in the development process, such as IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, and IBM Rational ClearQuest.

The full article is on the IBM DeveloperWorks site. Again, for a recap, you’ll want to read the rest of the series in sequence before you get to this one:

  1. Improved application development: Part 1, Collating requirements for an application
  2. Improved application development: Part 2, Developing solutions with Rational Application Developer
  3. Improved application development, Part 3: Incorporating changes in requirement
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