Improved application development, Part 3: Incorporating changes in requirement

The next article in the Improve application development series is now up at the IBM site. This follows on from Part 2, written by Nate Schutta, and moves on to managing the project now that the application is being developed and the you start getting faults and change requests into the system that need to be tracked and monitored. The main focus here then is the Rational ClearQuest system and it integrates with the other tools you’ll use in the process, including the original RequisitePro and the new Rational Application Developer and Rational Software Modeler tools.Remember, these later tools are based on the Eclipse platform and that means that the interfacing code is written as a plug-in to the Eclipse environment. Here’s the intro description:

The focus of this third tutorial in the “Improved application development” series is on change management. This tutorial shows how individual change requests are linked and traced back to the original requirements specification, how you manage that information from within your development environment, and how you generate a new specification.

You can read the full tutorial.As a recap, this tutorial follows on from:Improved application development: Part 1, Collating requirements for an applicationandImproved application development: Part 2, Developing solutions with Rational Application Developer