FOSS Anniversaries

In the last LinuxWorld article I wrote for the magazine I talked about FOSS anniversaries, mostly because a number of important projects turned into double figures, and yet most people let it pass them by.

Talk to young programmers and developers today and you’d be fooled into thinking that free/open source software (FOSS) was a relatively new invention. Those crusty old folk among us (myself included, born in that prehistoric era of the early ’70s) know that it goes back a little further than that.Many of us become dewy-eyed about our memories of Linux when it first came out – or the first Red Hat release. In fact, many of the FOSS projects that we take for granted today are a heck of a lot of older than people realize.

And my final request:

To try and redress the balance I’m starting a FOSS anniversaries project. Initially it’s going to be held on my personal blog at – click on the FOSS Anniversaries link to go to the page. If I get enough interest, I’ll consider improving on it and moving it elsewhere. Until then, if you’ve got some additions or corrections, use the contact form to let me know.

Here is the FOSS Anniversaries page, which is on this site. If you want me to update anything, use the Contact page.