‘Full’ Review of Solaris 10

OK, I don’t particularly appreciate the multi-page reviews you get at some sites, but I think it’s a stretch to call 819 words a ‘full review’ of anything. Yet that is what we have here. It was even picked up by Slashdot as such, goin as far as to call it comprehensive. Unfortunately the main thrust of the article concentrates on the ‘it’s not linux’ camp, rather than actually looking at the details and specifics of the operating system that might make it useful. The length and coverage doesn’t even remotely make it a ‘full’ review, and comprehensive is a really bad adjective for the review. OK, I like Solaris, I’ve been using it for 14 years and my main mail and Intranet box runs on Solaris. But I also believe that irrespective of your affiliations and personal you should give a product the benefit of the doubt and give it as well rounded and subjective a review as possible.