Unraveling BIND 9.3

BIND 9.3 incorporates a huge number of changes intended to enhance the functionality and improve on the security of what is a critical component for both Internet and LAN users. A new article, over on ServerWatch.com, looks at some of the main features of the new release. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a component of the Internet often taken for granted. Although knowledgeable users are aware that the Internet works off of IP addresses, the reality is that we all type in names rather than impossible-to-remember long numbers. The DNS is based on an open standard, and, thus, numerous choices are available for managing DNS information. The best known method by far is the open source Berkeley Internet Name Domain, more commonly referred to as BIND.BIND 9.3, the most recent release, has been available since September 2004. It features a number of key enhancements in terms of both security and the way it is supported. This article covers the main improvements in the release and discusses how to make the best use of these features.

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