Speed Download 3 Review

Speed Download 3 is a download manager that not only manages the gigabytes of files you download, it also simplyfies the process of filing and finding them, and can act as an upload and file sharing platform too. My review, over at The Apple Blog, covers the specifics. Here’s an extract:

I’ve talked before about what I see as the strange approach made by the browser developers removing much of the useful functionality from the download manager. It still pains me to think that the best download manager built into any browser right now on the Mac platform is the one included with Internet Explorer.Since I’ve covered the basics of what a download manager can do in my review of Download Wizard I won’t repeat myself here. Speed Download 3 (SD3) offers the same basic functionality – you can queue items up and control the number of simultaneous downloads and pause and organize the order the files that are downloaded. Speed Download 3 Main WindowNone of this should be a surprise in a download manager. Where SD3 scores some additional points is in some of the extended functionality and features that make downloads easier and simpler, especially for large volume downloaders like me.

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